Most Convenient Kitchen Upgrade Ever

I am thrilled with the results of my latest kitchen project.  When I remodeled my kitchen after moving in, I bought stock cabinets from Home Depot.  They are the bargain basement version of cabinets but they did have wood fronts which is a feature I wanted.

What they offered for the drawers was the bare basic drawer slides that only let 75% of the drawer slide out so you never can see what is in the back of the drawers easily...   I found these full extension drawer slides on the D. Lawless Hardware website and ordered enough to do  all the drawers in my kitchen.

Click on photo to go to D Lawless Site

Once I received them and had a look at the instructions, I was TOTALLY intimidated and hemmed and hawed for a few months before tackling the job.  As it turns out, replacing existing drawer slides makes this project a BREEZE.  Once I figured out the best approach, it took me 10 minutes per drawer to pull out the old slides & install the new.   Easy peasy!!   Here's how I did it.

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