Simple Jewelry Organizer

You know how much I love shutters, right? This past weekend I accidentally came up with a great idea for a shutter repurpose - this shutter makes a really cute jewelry organizer!

This idea happened in a similar way to how Hillary Swank's character in "PS I Love You" found her calling...  I dropped my earring and it fell perfectly placed on a shutter I had decoratively placed on my dresser.    Did you see that movie btw??  I loved it! especially the sister - so funny! oh and the friend who was looking for the right guy, too!  um, ok back to the shutter story.  

This is a yard sale shutter I found many years ago.  I love it to death.  I actually found 8 of these and I've dragged them with me through 6 moves.  Sometimes being a packrat pays off.
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