Quick Fixes for Sticky Doors, Wobbly Chairs and Doors that Won't Stay Open

Sticky wood doors and drawers, doors that won't stay all the way open, chairs that wobble - so annoying! And not so difficult to fix either.  Here's how you do it.


I bought a beautiful Italian made ladder-back chair for a song because one leg was a tiny bit shorter than the rest.  I used a glue gun and put a bead across the base of the shorter leg.  Hot glue begins to set up almost immediately and can be chipped back off if necessary, so it's an easy fix.  Just level the glue off with your finger (when it cools a bit!) and flip the chair.  Check if it is still wobbly and push lightly down on the seat closest to the offending leg to finish the job. The glue will be malleable but not sticky. When the glue hardens, the chair wobble is fixed!

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