September Monthly Goals

This year I've decided to set three monthly goals for myself each month. These will be lighter goals that I should be able to finish within the month. I used to do yearly resolutions, but I wanted to try out monthly goals this year. I am really enjoying it so far and I feel like I accomplished a lot with my January-June Goals. The recap for my June Goals will be at the bottom of this post.

So, here are my September Goals!

1. Decorate Inside & Out for the Fall
I want to start decorating THIS week for the fall! I hate when I get started late, so I am going to start on September 1st this year! It is still really stinking hot here, though... fingers crossed for cooler weather! The photo above is what my fall porch looked like last year.

2. Stencil Bathroom Wall
This past weekend, Brian and I finally painted the hall bathroom a light (almost white) gray. We started this project on Saturday after I ran 18 miles. I know... I'm crazy. But, it kept my sore muscles moving!

We also changed out the light fixture (you saw a photo of it if you follow me on SnapChat at @curlycraftymom) and I'll share a reveal photo soon. The next step is stenciling one of the walls in the room with the pattern you see above in a darker gray. I can't wait!

3. Take a Day OFF, to MYSELF.
Taking care of the kids nonstop all summer was exhausting. Now it is a new kind of exhausting with all of the after (and during) school activities, homework, etc. If I'm not doing something with or for the kids, I am working on blog stuff and if I'm not working on the blog... I'm working on marathon training or cleaning the house! SO... I am going to take a day off to myself in September. I have no idea what I'll do... no idea... a day without a to do list is a new realm for me.

How did I do on my August Goals?

1. Tidy Up the Backyard
The back yard is all tidied up and ready for the fall! I want to plant some mums and pansies, all the summer annual stuff is looking scraggly and needs to go!

2. Eat More Veggies at Lunch
I did ok with this... I was really digging sugar snap peas and baby carrots in August. I also love cherry tomatoes, but I was trying to eat something besides those for a change.

3. Try and Finish Up July Goals
DONE!!! I got the bathroom painted and the wedding ring inspected and cleaned!

And, my friend Lauren from Mom Home Guide is also sharing her monthly goals today!

Are you doing monthly goals? What are they? I'd love to hear about them in the comments!


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