Washi Pumpkins and Terrarium Fun this Fall with Oriental Trading

I have been having a lot of fun decorating the house for the fall. My husband surprised me with a 3 drawer console table for Mother's Day and I've been itching to decorate it ALL summer. However, the kids kept me busy! I also brought home this adorable white terrarium from IKEA last Spring (!!) and I had yet to decorate it or find a special spot for it in the home. 

Well, Oriental Trading came to the rescue with my fall decor and now my table is all spruced up for the fall and no longer an eye sore! I can't wait to share with you what products I used from their online site and how just a few simple products revamped this whole space! I'm also sharing a Fall Washi Pumpkin Decorating Tutorial below! Be sure to check out Oriental Trading for Halloween items, Halloween costumes and more!

You can see how I decorated the entire console table in the photo above. For the table, I used Oriental Trading's large burlap roll to create a simple table liner. I even had some extra burlap leftover for future burlap crafting projects! I plan to get a lamp to place on the left side of the table and I want to get a huge mirror to place behind this table. Until then, I still love how pretty this space is with the terrarium, dried hydrangea blooms and the white pumpkins!

This space was really easy to put together with simple items I had around the home and with the helps of some merchandise from Oriental Trading!

These little burlap leaf shapes came from Oriental Trading, too! They came in colors of burgundy, olive, gold and orange!

Terranium5 Terranium3
I also received these adorable milk jugs (they came with lids, too!) that I filled with dried hydrangea bloom and even decorative acorns! They would be a lot of fun to paint, too if you wanted to go for a 'dipped in gold' effect for them!

Now I will share with you how to create some washi decorated pumpkins!

How to Easily Create Washi Decorated Pumpkins
Oriental Trading sells two different kinds of ceramic pumpkins on their site. I went ahead and ordered both, because I wanted a variety of sizes. The DIY Decorative Pumpkin Set comes with a 4", 6 1/2" and 8 1/2" ceramic pumpkin. And, there are the DIY Ceramic Pumpkins, you get 12 3.5" pumpkins.

First, I painted the base of the pumpkins (everything except for the stem) in white.

I then painted the stems in gold.

WashiPump4 WashiPump5
The washi tape is really easy to work with, it sticks on the ceramic pumpkins nicely yet if you make a mistake it pulls off easily and you can try to adhere it again.

WashiPump6 Terranium4
This is what the pumpkins looked like after I was done! I used the Black and White Washi Tape Patterned Set.

Next I decorated a pumpkin with the Gold Glitter Washi Tape Set.

Terranium6 Terranium7
Having washi tape on some of the pumpkins really adds some visual interest to this display! I also love that I can alway take the washi tape off if I decide I want the pumpkins to be just white again, it is really gentle tape!

I hope you enjoyed this post and that I've given you some ideas on how to decorate your home with Oriental Trading for the upcoming fall! Be sure to check them out for Halloween crafting, Halloween costumes and decor ideas, too!

Full Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Fall merchandise was gifted to me in exchange for this post. All opinions are 100% mine.


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