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I wanted to share a little of my love for running today by sharing 5 Running Tips for Beginners! I just finished training for the Chicago Marathon and it involved A LOT of long training runs on Saturdays. I ran with my running group and we all felt accomplished yet quite sweaty, dirty and grimy afterwards. One of the tips that I will share today is what Mother Dirt products are and why they're great to use after a long and sweaty run!

5 Running Tips for Beginners
1. Do What Works For You And Your Schedule
When I first started running, I ran mostly at home on the treadmill. My kids were younger then and were in bed by 7:30 p.m., so I would run after they were in bed. I would read books on my Kindle while running on the treadmill and it wasn't so bad. When I stopped working and became a stay-at-home-mom/blogger I started to run outside more. I found a trail by my house on the way home from dropping the kids off at school and started to run on it. I still run on this trail once a week. 

This last summer I decided to start training for a marathon and started running on Saturdays at 6:30 a.m. with a pace group and then had a track workout on Tuesday evenings. My husband would watch the kids while I ran with this running group for several weeks until my marathon was over. I also continued to run one day a week on the trail by my house, so I was running 3 of my 4 runs outside and 1 of them on the treadmill.

I would say every running 'season' is different and do what works for you. I would have a lot of runners tell me that I wouldn't be as good of a runner when I ran solely on the treadmill. But, you know what? I trained for 4 half marathons on JUST the treadmill and I had several PR's (personal records). Do I prefer to run outside? Yes... is it always possible? No.

2. Mother Dirt Products
I also started using Mother Dirt products during my last month of marathon training. Mother Dirt products restore and maintain good bacteria on your skin. These days, we are all about being clean... I even keep antibacterial lotion keychains on my kids lunch boxes. However, sometimes less is more, especially when you are using natural products.

Bacteria is a natural part of the human ecosystem. What Mother Dirt does is it nurtures the good bacteria of the skin. No other products out there does this, which is why Mother Dirt is so unique.

One of my favorite Mother Dirt products to use before and after running is the AO+ Mist, which was their first product. In the photo above you'll see on the diagram where you can spray this mist. I love to spray it on me after a run, I feel a lot more refreshed and it makes me smell fresh!

3. Hydrate!
Hydration is critical when it comes to running. Especially if you are running during the warmer hours of the day or in the summer. I like to keep a running belt that holds water in it, but you can also find a handheld hydration pack for shorter runs. Becoming dehydrated can make your run sluggish or it can even be dangerous. 

4. Find A Good Running Shoe
When I first started running, I just wore my regular tennis shoes. Well, my feet did ok until I had my first half marathon. My feet hurt so bad after my first half marathon that I had to take my shoes off as soon as I crossed the finish line. I would find a running store and buy a shoe brand that is MADE for running. You'll also want to get some special inserts, which will last you through about two pairs of shoes. Also, make sure you check your shoes for wear and tear, you'll need to replace your shoes every 300-500 miles. I have found that if I am doing more treadmill running, my shoes will last a lot longer. You really need to protect your feet, they do A LOT of pounding when you are running!

5. Run With Others!
When I trained for my first marathon, I joined my first ever training group. I was put in a group of people that ran the same pace as me. We ran together every Saturday and still get together to run, even though the marathon is over. These runners became like family to me, because I spent several hours running with them each week and we had breakfast after the run. Having someone or a group to run with is important if you can find time for it. You can share running tips, train for races together and it makes the miles go by SO much faster. I suggest looking for a friend or group that runs around the same pace as you. You don't want to be running with someone that is slower or faster than you. This can be hard to find, so that is why you may want to check out an actual running group.

Mother Dirt Products
Mother Dirt are such great products for women and men and I feel good about using them. They help you maintain a balanced microbiome on your skin. This helps improve the look and feel of your skin, for me I noticed my skin was a lot less oily and I had less body odor after my runs. I also love how the AO+ Mist would sooth my skin after a sweaty run out in the sun.

I have noticed that these products have helped me need to use moisturizer less often and I don't need to apply my deodorant as often. I have really felt the cleanest I have in years and all while training for a marathon! Less really is more!

AO+ Mist
The AO+ Mist is my favorite Mother Dirt product. It really does help freshen up my body before and after a run. I also really enjoy spraying it on under my armpits in place of deodorant and on my feet after I pull my socks and shoes off for the day!

Mother Dirt Cleanser

This cleanser is for your face AND body. It is my favorite facial cleanser!

Mother Dirt Shampoo
At first I was skeptical about JUST using Shampoo on my hair without the addition of conditioner, but this really does a great job at cleaning and moisturizing my hair.

Mother Dirt Moisturizer
A little of this moisturizer goes a long way. I mostly use it on my hands before bed and when I wake up and they feel so soft! I don't need to moisturize them for the rest of the day.

Bacteria are a natural part of the human ecosystem. However, wouldn't it be great to establish a world where clean comes with healthy? Sterility is not natural. You can learn more about Mother Dirt products and what they can do for you by clicking HERE


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