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Today I'm sharing my November Currently post! This is my way of updating all of you on what I've been up to besides the usual DIY/outfit posts! 


Autumn's 8 Today!
My sweet (not so little anymore) girl is 8 today! This photo above was taken a couple of months ago at the Cardinals game.

This photo is from my FOURTH blog post, back in 2009! You can see the post HERE. Little Miss Aut was less than 2 months old and I was on maternity leave! Oh, what I'd do to have just one day of her being tiny like that again! She was a really easy baby, she LOVED to sleep... and, I loved to watch her sleep! She also loved that binky and this sling! And, wow... I still have that bulky jacket with the shoelace strings... is that too funny or what? lol! I miss her little baby coo's, breastfeeding (did I just say that?) and dressing her in tons of pink onesies and jammies! Heck, I did an entire load of just pink every week back then!

Now she's 8... That's hard to believe. Especially when Nathan stopped playing with toys (for the most part) after 8. Wah! I will be sad when she gives up all her dolls, but will definitely buy them for her as long as she wants them! Age 8 was also the last 'magical' Christmas year with Santa for Nathan... wonder if this will be the last year where Santa is real for Autumn. It's tough when they grow up, but I am also SO, so proud of who she is becoming. She's a sweet and kind young lady that has so many interests (art, dance, cross country, animals, etc.)... I also love putting her to bed at night, that is when she always tells me about her day. And she asks me a million questions, because she cares about what I'll say. I love that we have such a strong bond and I hope it continues forever. :) Happy Birthday to my beautiful baby (always) girl!

Blogging Agenda for Next Year
Next year I am planning on changing up a few things here on the blog:

Monthly Goals - I have been sharing 3 monthly goals each month. I always like to do something different at the start of each new year. In 2017, I plan to set 12 goals for the entire year, one for each month! I am going to try to plan most of them out ahead of time (i.e.: switch from Blogger to Wordpress, etc.), but I may leave every third month blank and I'll figure out a goal on the fly that month.

12 Months of Wreaths - In the past I've done 12 Months of Freezer Meals, 12 Months of Drinks (my fave I think of all of them) and this year I did the Quarterly Silhouette Challenge. I  may keep doing the Silhouette Challenge since it's only 4 times a year, but I wanted to do another '12 Months of...' this year. I've decided on 12 Months of Wreaths and I have some other bloggers that are planning on joining me! If you are interested, let me know and I can send you over some details.

Currently - For now, I think I am going to keep the Currently posts active.

Subscription Reviews - I am only subscribing to Fab Fit Fun and I plan to share that review every quarter.

Videos - I hope to get some more videos up on the blog... I was doing one every month, but I want to do something besides just unboxing videos. I haven't decided exactly what, but I hope to share more videos in 2017 with y'all!

St. Louis Splendor, An Adult Coloring Book by Jo Ann Kargus
I was excited to be sent a copy to review of Jo Ann Argus's drawings for St. Louis Splendor. I have a few other adult coloring books and they are a lot of fun! I really like to dig into them before bed (hence my jammies in this picture) to destress and relax.

Untitled Untitled
Jo Ann Kargus selected 50 landmarks to illustrate in this book and I was pleasantly surprised by some of them, including 'Old Signs of St. Louis' which included the Federhofer's Bakery sign that I drive by everyday when I take my kids to school! The coloring book also features more famous sights, such as the Jewel Box, Art Museum, Anheuser-Busch Brewery, etc.

I am ALMOST done with 'Giddy Up, Eunice'. Another blogger and I are planning to do a review post with a GIVEAWAY for the book. We are just waiting on ME to finish it (oops!). 

This book talks about the woman of the bible and I honestly have learned SO much. It's also interesting that these duo women relationships in the bible are so strong, even though there is a huge age gap between the women. It talks about how women need other women in their life of ALL ages. The generation gap can make it seem difficult to befriend another woman that may be a lot older or younger than you. However, it can be rewarding and totally worth it- just like the examples she gives of the women in the bible, such as Mary and Elizabeth, Ruth and Naomi and Lois and Eunice. 

This book is making me want to open the bible and read the stories of these women again and it is what I am planning to do after I finish this book. I know when I read the biblical stories of these special women I will see it in a whole new light after reading this book. I haven't finished the Lois and Eunice part of the book, but I know I'll be rating this book 5 out of 5 stars once I finish it! It is a MUST read!

I Modify IKEA Book Review (Authors: Charlotte Rivers and Elyse Major)
Ever since they built the IKEA store in St. Louis, I have been hooked! I love that you can take pieces from the store and not just assemble them, but change them around to create a whole new look for your home. When I was asked to review this book, I knew I would be excited to see all 50 'IKEA Hack' Projects in full color with step-by-step instructions.

Untitled Untitled
Here are a couple pages from the book that show you some of the 'hacks' you can do around your house. There is a variety of projects in the book that will work in every room of your home. In just a few steps, you'll mix and match, cut and glue, and paint and tint IKEA items into new customized decor!

Christmas Decor
I'm excited to share TWO Christmas Home Tours with you (I'll be focusing on two different areas of the home for both) next month. I also have a few Christmas decor projects to share as well! I'm working on doing a different look for my front porch this year, I haven't been exactly happy with it in the past. I'm really excited with the ideas I have for it and can't wait to share it! I've also decorated my console table for Christmas c/o Oriental Trading and I can't wait to share that project, too!

Lauren from Mom Home Guide is also sharing her Currently post today!



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