Tips on How to Decorate Bookshelves around a TV

Earlier this month I told you that I would be doing ONE goal every month in 2017 and that my first goal was to decorate my new Liatorp shelves from IKEA. Honestly, when I took this on I had NO idea how much space these shelves held... but, IT IS A LOT. I landed up shopping at Hobby Lobby and Target for most of the items. However, when Commercial Silk contacted me about reviewing one of their products, it couldn't have been at a better time!

When selecting my item from Commercial Silk, I knew I had to order them in a size that would fit the shelves. I found these adorable Artificial Grasses in Faux Wooden Boxes and they are just the perfect size. What was even more perfect is that they came as a set of 6! I am really pleased with the quality, they look real inside the shelves and the faux wooden box they are in has a beautiful stain and looks like real wood. It was nice to be able to add a little greenery to the shelves, because I decorated them in mostly neutrals, such as whites, golds and tans.

If you are looking for artificial silk greenery for your home, Commercial Silk has a huge selection! Be sure to check out their Artificial Boxwood and Boxwood Hedge Trimmed Topiary for Exterior pages!

You can also find Commercial Silk at:
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Decorating this much space was a little tricky and I did quite a bit of research on decorating bookshelves before I ventured out to shop for items for it. What helped was to keep a pattern going on each side (i.e.: baskets in the same spot on each side, the plants on the same side, etc.). Sometimes I would place a basket or plant on the inner side on the right, but on the outer side on the left to add a little visual interest. I also had to bring a tape measure with me to measure everything I purchased. I wrote up a chart that told me the measurements of each shelf. Not all of the shelves were the same size, so I had to be careful everything would fit. 

I also selected a color scheme of golds, whites and tans with a little natural green mixed in with the plants.

Now I'll give you a tour on how I decorated these beautiful shelves. Let's start with the Left Side:
On both sides (the left and right shelves on each side of the TV) I purchased 4 baskets. One of the baskets is thinner, because the other size would not fit on that shelf. I also added two plants on each side of the bookshelves. I purchased the baskets and gold spikes from Target, the plants from Commercial Silk and all of the accessories are from Hobby Lobby. I put scrapbook paper in the frames for now, but I plan to fill them with photos from our trip to Italy last summer when I get a chance!

Detail shot.

Center of the Bookshelf:
The center of the bookshelf has smaller shelves, so I had to find some items that would fit here! My favorite is the little day to day calendar with blocks that I found in Hobby Lobby's office aisle. I love how the b/w striped plate matches the b/w stripes on the side of the calendar. You can also remove the middle shelf if you want, so you can place bigger items on these shelves.

I wanted to share a close up of the two center shelves, the photo above shows the left side.

The photo above shows the right side of the center shelf.

Right Side of Bookshelf:
This is what the right bookshelf looks like inside. I can change out what the Lightbox says and you'll see I filled the frames with scrapbook paper again.


A couple of detail shots.

And that's it! I hope you enjoyed seeing how I decorated these shelves and that you took away some ideas! I still have some things to work on in the room, such as getting the matching coffee table and a new rug. It's a work in process! Have a great day!

My blogging friend Lauren from Mom Home Guide is also sharing how she styled an item from Commercial Silk today:


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