Early Spring Planter Box with Bud Vases + Reader Survey!

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I am so excited to share this post, because I am in love with this planter box that my husband made me last spring (Find DIY Planter Box Instructions HERE). Since Christmas is over, I wanted to decorate the box with something that would work for late winter and early spring. I've been seeing people decorate with different sizes and shapes of bud vases for awhile and that is what prompted my idea for how to decorate the box.

I found all of the bud vases at Hobby Lobby (gotta love their 50% off all glass!) and I am really thrilled with the variety that I found at their store.

I also purchased the little delicate flowers at Hobby Lobby (I promise this isn't a sponsored post for them! ha!) and you'll see there are 3 different kinds of flowers I used.

Detail Shots of Bud Vases:


Each vase is beautiful in its own way and I tried to go with different thicknesses, heights and shapes. I also stuck with all clear vases, except one is gold dipped and another vase is mercury for a little shine and refection.

I've also thought about adding REAL flowers to these bud vases once my garden starts to wake up again next month. :)

How to Decorate a Planter Box with Bud Vases
Pick out your bud vases. You could try a store like Hobby Lobby, Michaels, JoAnns or even the Dollar Store! I always shoot for an odd number and I went with different shapes, sizes, heights and texture. All of my bud vases are clear glass, except for the one that is mercury and another that is gold-dipped.

Pick out an odd number of small flowers. For late winter/early spring, I tend to go for small blossoms and not big flowers. I selected 3 different blooms.

And, there you have it! My beautiful planter box is filled with some gorgeous bud vases and blooms for us to look at until spring finally arrives!

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