Princess Smart Mirror {My Knight and Me}

PrincessSmartMirror_650I’m so excited to tell you about the adventure-packed new medieval animated series for kids from TeamTO, My Knight and Me! I'm also sharing a craft that you can work on with your little Princess- a Princess Smart Mirror! This mirror isn't really 'smart', but it is sparkly, wrapped in ribbons and even monogrammed with your favorite princesses initial! In the cartoon My Knight and Me they do have a smart mirror and this mirror will prompt your child with plenty of imaginative play! This show is currently airing on the Cartoon Network weekdays at 12 p.m.

My Knight and Me is for kids ages 6-10 and follows the quests of a colorful and charismatic trio of knights in shining armor: loyal, street-smart Jimmy the Squire; daring and determined Cat the Princess; and bold and courageous Henri of Orange, Jimmy’s dad and a charmingly inept, yet passionately chivalrous knight who might not be the most efficient protector of the realm – but sure is the funniest! Together, the knightly group sets out from the Kingdom of Epic to save the day and brighten the Dark Ages! 

The series models close family ties (Jimmy thinks his dad is the best!), emphasizes the importance of teamwork (together, Jimmy, Cat and Henri can overcome any challenge  that comes their way!) and underscores the importance of using strategy over might to solve problems (Jimmy is the man with a plan!). My Knight and Me also features clever anachronisms (like Smart-Mirrors that resemble today’s iPhones, set in the Middle Ages), which add to the uniqueness of the show.

How to Make a Princess Smart Phone
First, you'll need to gather together the supplies needed for this craft:
Stick or Glue On Crystals
Pom Poms
2 Different Colors of Ribbon
Hot Glue Gun

MakeMirror2 MakeMirror3
Wrap your ribbon around the handle of your mirror. Hot glue it in place. Then, take your other ribbon and wrap it diagonally around the mirror handle. Hot glue it in place.

MakeMirror4 MirrorDone3
If your mirror has a 'hook' you can take some extra ribbon to make 'fringe' on the end of the mirror. To do this, I cut out strips of both ribbon at the same length and tied a double knot. Each knot will have one of the lighter colored ribbons and one of the darker colored ribbons in it for a little contrast. I did this three times, but if your hook is larger you could add more ribbon to fill it in.

At Walmart, I found these stick on crystals and we added my daughters monogram to the mirror. This was her favorite part of the entire mirror!

MakeMirror6 MirrorDone5
We also added some pom poms and sequins. We went with a pink, magenta, purple, yellow and silver color scheme. You can use whatever colors you prefer!

Here is a close up of the sequins that were glued around the face of the mirror.

Now you have your Princess Smart Mirror! My daughter loves to hold her mirror while she watches Cartoon Network's My Knight and Me and pretends she has a smart mirror, just like they have on the cartoon! So fun!   

Be sure to check out My Knight and Me with your children! This craft would be fun to do before or after the show. And, if you have a little Knight in your household, I am sure you could do some other colors to make a Knight Smart Mirror!

I hope you enjoyed this craft! My Knight and Me will be a show your kids will truly enjoy and it also features some great songs with lyrics.

This post is sponsored by My Knight and MeAll opinions are 100% mine.


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