Easter Slime {Only 2 Ingredients!}


Slime has been all the rage lately and I am sure you've seen it all over Instagram with people sticking their fingers in it or just videos of them making it! You can even buy slime on Etsy... but, why pay for it if you can make your own at home? This Easter slime is even fun for adults to make! You can make it with your kids over Spring break, make it and store it in little glass mason jars like I did and put it in their Easter baskets or even stuff their Easter eggs with it! It's just so fun to make and rather addictive!

I filled these little mason jars with the slime and did a smaller portion inside a plastic egg. You could even make slime making kits to give out at parties. Slime is so fun and easy to make!

How to Make Easter Slime
For supplies, you'll want TWO 5 oz bottles of Washable Clear Glue (Elmer's brand), 1/2 cup of Liquid Starch and some sort of Easter item to add into the slime.

If you're wondering what liquid starch is (don't worry, I was too!)... you can find it by the regular canned starch at Target, Walmart or even your local grocer may have it. It isn't very expensive either. It is supposed to be safer than using Borax.

I added the little plastic eggs to one batch of the slime I made, but I also added bunny and chicks confetti to the other two batches. I used to collect confetti as a child and I still have my container of confetti. Too funny, right? I never knew I'd use this confetti again!

Make4 Make5
First, dump the two bottles of clear glue into a bowl. Then slowly mix the 1/2 cup of Liquid Starch into the glue. It'll turn into slime right away!

Then I like to divide the slime up into batches on individual plates and I mix different things into the slime, such as mini eggs, confetti, glitter... You can even use food coloring. I have heard the neon food coloring is a favorite (only use 4 drops or it'll get all over your hands) and if you want your slime to be scented- you can add some scented lotion or oils into it!

I even separated a tinier batch of the slime to put into this egg. It has chick confetti and glitter mixed into the slime. These would make fun Easter egg fillers!

I hope you enjoyed my Easter slime recipe and you get a chance to try it out.


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